"An Open Call to the Tribeless Ones" by Cathleen Klibanoff from Cathleen Klibanoff on Vimeo.


We are not MISFITS or broken toys but rather we have rejected homogenization. WE still want and need to be seen and heard, to belong and be appreciated, but not because of our shared attributes. Unfortunately, our civil liberties do not guarantee proud parents or enduring friendships. We are like the four fingers who refuse to be a hand without you. With you we are exponentially stronger, more creative and capable.

Community – a word that always fell at arms-length, we could touch it, but it moved away and we didn’t understand why. We lack the emotional impetus to conform, quiet or surrender because we are enamored with our unique qualities that are deemed weird, incompliant or arrogant. We have made countless attempts to fit in and failed. We live in a world that rewards popularity over authenticity. Can you see how that might lead to manipulation? And bitterness sets in… but hear me, it will only eat away at your core. The answer is not hatefulness, listen. I’m calling your name.

I want to know who you are my like-minded seekers. We must collectively tell our story which threads through a millennium of layers. Now we appear as a random shower of pinpoints when in truth we are the brilliant night sky. When we gather the history books, call us constellations. Let us consider the wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn: Everyone is a link of gold in my chain of good. Let’s remain whole onto ourselves but collaborate to demonstrate our strengths and good intentions, be the chain that enables the bell of emotional freedom to be heard through the din of modern-day madness.

We are not broken but our frequency of communication has been jammed with the static of how we should be. If you can hear me, know that you have a home. Lay down your weapons of defense because you are not an outcast, black sheep or the enemy. Individually, we did not receive the entire volume of wisdom but rather a sentence or an incomplete thought that when pieced together represents the solution. If you hear me, know this is permission to trust that your purpose and importance is real.

We are the modern-day Robin Hood, but we are not a band of thieves. We just want back what was taken from us- our dignity. We represent all those- man and beast- who can no longer be silent and invisible.

Tribeless Ones, we are many. Together we can.

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