Auspicious Beasts

This is the story of the Auspicious Beasts.

Mermaid appears at dusk to pull the covers over Mother Earth. At dawn she reappears to awaken Father Sky. She’s an angel of the sea and befriends all of the Mythical Beasts who drink at her well. One summer evening when she came to bid Mother good night, she was met by all of her auspicious friends gathered at the water’s edge.

Dragon stepped forward to speak. “Angel of the Sea, man continues to battle me. Fear and misunderstanding drive their anger. Humankind grows further from their spiritual nature- demonizing the unknown, blaming and judging their differences. Allow me to teach them self-mastery.”

Gorilla sat looking pensive… Mermaid wondered if that was a tear clinging to Gorilla’s soft black lashes. “Silverback, share with us your thoughts on what you have heard today,” Mermaid cautiously prodded, knowing that Gorilla and his family discussed the dilemma of man many times, prompting rowdy debates amongst members of Gorilla’s troop.
Gorilla replied, “Man does not honor his elders and therefore is unable to teach their children the importance of serving the greater good of the community. Their selfish ways have resulted in a generation lost and lonely. I wish to teach them compassionate leadership.”

Elephant gently wrapped her trunk around Gorilla’s shoulders. She had watched Gorilla grow into an admirable and just leader. “Remember Gorilla, the power of family. The patience and perseverance we show our children must be extended to man. Mother Earth grows weary but continues to love and protect them. Mermaid, I will teach man forgiveness and cooperation.”

Horse pawed restlessly. “Speak steed, what is heavy on your heart?” asked Mermaid.

“Man struggles with attachment and dependence. They know so little about freedom and trust. Let me teach them how to strike a balance between independence and responsibility. Allow me to carry them to a higher understanding so they will see what holds them back and the joy of riding life’s currents.”

Tiger had been waiting patiently. Once the cloak of darkness lay heavy on his fellow Beasts, Tiger moved forward. Her eyes burned brightly. As Tiger spoke, she shown her bright light onto each healer. “Man has become toxic. Many are dying and the survivors’ sadness has made Mother sick. Mermaid, I am ready to lead them in a healing journey.”

“I will go with you, fellow feline,” Lion stated as he rose to join Tiger. “We have known man for many centuries. Man has even invited our smaller cousins into their homes. They are treated with great affection. We have received word from our cousins that man is afraid; many know that change is eminent. Tiger and I will now teach man how to be courageous while remaining humble.”

Mermaid looked up at the stars that had always been her companions and compass. “Wise counsel, it is true all that you say. It is our duty and honor to bring man through this transition. It will require all of our magic working in unison.”

Suddenly the sky opened, and a steady warm rain began to fall. The Auspicious Beasts knew then… they had been given permission to begin.

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