Spring Hill Collection

Spring Hill Inn for Children is the brainchild of artist Cathleen Klibanoff and writer Rhonda Edwards, created around a love for orphaned children and the importance for them to have a voice. The children intentionally look away to encourage you to look within. The whimsical panels modified with spindles for legs tickle our long forgotten dreams of princes, four legged best friends, big plays that win the game, and having a family that thinks you are the most special person in the world. The children of Spring Hill, despite their mobility limitations, reach beyond the rational into a dreamscape where they are seen, celebrated, encouraged and limitless. The hope is that you see in these children a rainbow of radiance and feel inspired by their vulnerability. The desire is for the viewer to see a piece of their childhood dream long banished to reflections of a foolish youth and feel the quickened pulse of possibility…

“Love those that feel unlovable and they will love others in return.”

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