• Dimensions (w x h x d): 36 x 60 x 5 inches
  • Medium: Duo Matrix Neo, Casting Resin, Acrylic Paint on Wood Panel
  • Mixed Media Sculpture Painting
  • 2D 3D Art Piece
  • For pricing and purchase, please follow the Inquire button below


Mermaid appears at dusk to pull the covers over Mother Earth. At dawn she reappears to awaken Father Sky. She’s an angel of the sea and befriends all of the Mythical Beasts who drink at her well.
Mermaid looked up at the stars that had always been her companions and compass.
“Wise counsel, it is true all that you say. It is our duty and honor to bring man through this transition. It will require all of our magic working in unison.”
Suddenly the sky opened, and a steady warm rain began to fall. The Auspicious Beasts knew then… they had been given permission to begin.

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