Artist Statement

Creating art allows me to indulge in intense intimacy while exploring my independent ideas and ideals. I’m fascinated with the chemistry of humankind and nature, with a particular affinity for metal (or metallic) and wood, approaching a subject with the aged patina intact. Being a self-taught artist, I can’t hide behind technique. I strive to be an honest and emotional storyteller, albeit naive. The intimacy of my sculptural portraits derives from the fact that they are unapologetically flawed.

The avalanche of texture does not attempt to hide inconsistencies, but rather a wabi-sabi tribute — seeing the beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. The portrait is both model and message — a statement of belonging and intention made visible. Whether it is man, animal or mythological creature, the viewer is engaged in cross cultural dialogue. Art is where all paths converge, and improbable connection made possible. 

— Cathleen Klibanoff

Modern Sculpture & Mixed Media Artist, Steward of Stories  



Ancients Unearthed
Icarus Bride Sculpture
Auspicious Beasts
Spring Hill
Angel Sculpture in Lotus Pose
Floral Filly Equine Sculpture
High Texture Abstract Painting

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