• Dimensions: (w x h x d): 24 x 65 x 17 inches
  • Acrylic Painting Sculpture
  • Free Delivery in the U.S.
  • The sculpture comes disassembled in 3 parts: panel, legs and stand with welcome mat and can be quickly and easily reassembled in 5 minutes or less
  • For pricing and purchase, please follow the Inquire button


Meet Ethan:
Hi, I’m Ethan and I am going to be a race car driver someday. I really like cars and trucks. I like trains that whistle and blow smoke and big boats too. Maybe I can learn to drive them all one day. I am 8 right now but one day I will be older. I think you have to be really old, like 16 to drive. I like to eat almost everything. But maybe not spinach. Aunt Vallie makes everything taste pretty good around here. My favorite is the peach cobbler she makes sometimes. And she puts white ice cream on it too. YUM! My favorite game to play is “Find the Lost Train.” My friends at Spring Hill hide my little train and then I take my favorite red airplane and find the “lost” train. We rescue all the people inside and save the day. What a great adventure! I hope that I can meet who I’m writing this letter to. And maybe you will like me enough to adopt me and take me home. But you have to come find me first.

Aunt Vallie’s Notes on Ethan:
Ethan is certainly “All Boy”. He loves anything that moves on wheels, floats in the water or flies in the air. Ethan always has a little truck or car with him when he eats or when he sleeps. He delights in making noises like an engine revving up – Vroooooom, Vroooom! I always know right where he is. Ha! Ethan found an old leather cap like WWI fighter pilots wore and he refused to take it off. He says it is his “good luck cap.” He wore it day and night until I finally traded it for a racing cap and a chance to wash the old one.  He said the new cap was “OK, but not as good as the old smelly one.” I gave in and now Ethan has his pick of 2 smelly caps to choose from. Love has to overlook a few things, even smelly caps! Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and adopting Ethan will be extremely blessed by the experience. He will enrich your daily life and bring joy back into your world. Enjoy and love this wonderful little boy forever!

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