• Dimensions (w x h x d): 36 x 60 x 9 inches
  • Medium: Aqua Resin, Casting Resin, Acrylic Paint on Wood Panel
  • Sculpture Painting
  • For pricing and purchase, please follow the Inquire button

Let’s talk (and see) the elephant in the room!  Download the free app Hoverlay and click here to do just that…see Satao up close and personal.



Satao is a tribute to the well-known African elephant from Kenya, who was tragically killed by an ivory poacher’s poisoned arrow.

From the Story of the Auspicious Beasts:
Elephant gently wrapped her trunk around Gorilla’s shoulders. She had watched Gorilla grow into an admirable and just leader. “Remember Gorilla, the power of family. The patience and perseverance we show our children must be extended to man. Mother Earth grows weary but continues to love and protect them. Mermaid, I will teach man forgiveness and cooperation.”


Elephants love to cuddle!  Getting close to Satao is easy, download free app Hoverlay and click here.

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