• Dimensions: (w x h x d): 24 x 61 x 17 inches
  • Acrylic Painting Sculpture
  • Free Delivery in the U.S.
  • The sculpture comes disassembled in 3 parts: panel, legs and stand with welcome mat and can be quickly and easily reassembled in 5 minutes or less
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A Letter from Lilly:
I am Lilly and I have just come to live in this big house called Spring Hill. I never had many kids to play with, so it was really different to have lots of people around all the time. But, now I really like having so many new friends and someone to play with any time. The thing I want most in the whole wide world, is to have a mommy to love me. I never knew my mommy so I think that would be the best thing ever, to have a person to call MY MOM.  Aunt Vallie is so nice and I like her a lot, but she said that someday I would be adopted and have a real mother. I like to do a lot of things. I can play the piano at little and I love that. I hope someone can give me lessons and I can get better. I also like to color and paint a lot. Aunt Vallie hangs our pictures we draw and paint, up all over the dining room walls. She calls it her special Art Gallery. I like that! Not sure what else to say but I hope that anyone that reads my letter will come to Spring Hill. I would like to meet you and you can come eat lunch with us maybe.  It is very nice here but I want a real home of my own someday.
Thank you,

Aunt Vallie’s Notes on Lilly:
Lilly is a delicate little girl like the flower she is named for. She has beautiful, shiny black hair and eyelashes that sweep her lids like butterfly wings. She has a soft, quite presence that permeates all those around her. When Lilly met the other children at the Inn, she was very bashful and kept her bowed. However, the others understood how awkward and strange it felt to suddenly come to new place, not knowing anyone and having few possessions to share.  All the children had experienced that same situation. The girls quickly snatched Lilly away, talking about which one would be her best friend and what bedroom she was going to have. I knew that all was well when Lilly lifted her precious chin and smiled over her shoulder at me, as she was drug up the stairs by a gaggle of happy little girls. Lilly is a little treasure, gentle and beautiful. The individual or family that adopts her into their lives will have a lasting jewel. She brings with her the grace and beauty of the flower she shares her name with. Enjoy her each day and be mindful of how she fully enriches your life and adds depth and warmth to your home.

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